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ethnoLog - Netzwerk Kölner EthnologInnen


Ethnologie/Sozialanthropologie in den Medien (

Ethnosphäre (Ethnologin und Journalistin Julia Herz-el Hanbli)

Medezinethnologie (Körper, Gesundheit und Heilung in einer globalisierten Welt)


Norient (network for local and global sounds and media culture)

Savage Minds - Notes and Queries in Anthropology

Space and Culture

The Interrrogation Diaries (An anthropologist's take on torture and interrogation in the Global War on Terrorism)

Zero Anthropology

Feldtagebücher als Blog

Disability Fieldnotes (Notes on the Anthropology of Disability)

Erkan's Field Diary (The blog monitors socio-cultural happenings and cybercultural emergences in Turkey)

Fieldwork on a Ghanaian Road (An ethnographic project on roads, commercial driving and everyday travel in Ghana)

Greater Blogazonia (Language and Socienty in Greater Amazonia)

Shenzhen Noted (all about China by Mary Ann O'Donnell)

Sugar Girls & Seamen (this blog discusses the social dynamics of dockside prostitution in Cape Town & Durban)

Urban Fieldnotes (Street Style Anthropology in Philadelphia)

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